26 Mayıs 2008 Pazartesi

The 6 Scariest Celebrity Stage Parents

There, there, Jeff Archuleta. Feeling upset about your son David coming in second on American Idol? You’re not alone. Tons of celebrity stage parents feel shame when their child fails to live up to the exceedingly high expectations they’ve set for them! You’re in good company. The VH1 Blog has rounded up six of our favorite celebrity stage parents, who prove time and time again that even if you can’t make it in showbiz, you sure as hell can force your kids to live your childhood dreams! Success never tasted so sweet.
1. Dina Lohan - Why not ruin one daughter when you can ruin two?! This week Lindsay’s running around France forgetting what she learned in rehab, while Dina focuses on destroying Ali’s youth with her new reality TV show. Both are clearly idiotic career movies for the girls. But you know what they say, mother knows best!
2. Matthew Knowles - Beyonce’s dad created the uber-group Destiny’s Child before launching his baby girl’s massive solo career. Now he’s got a star-packed record label and Jay-Z as a son-in-law. Lucky!
3. Joe Simpson - He may be faulted for ruining his daughter Jessica’s relationships with Nick Lachey and Tony Romo, but you can’t say he didn’t totally reinvent her career with her reality show! Now if only he could do something about Ashlee’s hair.
4. Lesley Panettiere - Heroes hottie Hayden’s momager is a former soap star who hangs with Hayden at events and looks more like her daughter’s BFF than her mama. Hmmm… live vicariously much?
5. Lynne Spears - Britney’s mom splits her time between dealing with the pop tart’s daily drama and taking her younger daughter Jamie-Lynn to lamaze class. Whatever happened to the good old days of gold records and hit Nickelodeon shows? As they say in therapy - blame your mother!
6. Rocky - Rocky took stage parenting to a whole new level on VH1’s I Know My Kid’s a Star, spending the bulk of her time coaching her daughter Hayley into complete failure. Still, this mom claims she knows the industry, which means she’s headed to Hollywood faster than you can say “child stars enter rehab at an alarmingly high rate.” Good luck girls!

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